The motive of her research has always been the investigation and perception of the subtle entity “body”.
From the first steps in making art she enriched herself with the principles of Street Theatre,
Terzo Teatro, Experimental Theatre in the 90’s she moved more towards the dance and philosophy of White Butoh of Masaki Iwana.
The cutting edge, rigour, the Nikutai of Ankoku Butoh, become a further tool of awareness and
constant stimulus in order to sound and renew her creative authorship. She is a performer and dancer.
The works from after 2000 refine a focus on a personal method of selecting themes and aspects of the body,
which within the course of vital daily practice may emerge as a cues for dance performance – “works of being
time, space, memory, energy, the unknown, are her exclusive domains of research, further incursions
of the examination into the subject “body”.
The welling up of an “internal landscape”, the tactility of the stage presence in dialogue
with the nature of surrounding elements: space, the invocation of non action, the dimension of silence,
as food for the bones, for the nerves between muscles organs, bowels.- possible
sources, places where to halt in ritual expectation of the faint voice of the new.

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