Dance direction choreography Alessandra Cristiani
Music Claudio Moneta
Music live Claudio Moneta e Federico Scalas
Lights Gianni Staropoli
Body painting Flavio Arcangeli
Text and recorded voice Marcello Sambati

In her new work she draws on the theme of “Eros” to create a performance
in the greenery of the gardens of the Philharmonic. . “Eros as logos – Cristiani explains –
implies links, connection. Eros links to the origin, to primary nature.
A dance, which brings the focus back to man as body, matter, physicality, substance.
A body that is at the root of an impulse, of the first call to movement. Eros Aria a mysterious seal.
Dance encounters the real vital need of matter, organicity, magma,
flux, its perpetual being on the edge, the threshold and precipice of something,
the changing of state where the offering and the sacrifice are at the same time
the full manifestation and contrary of a unicum.
Eros and Air, two vortices intimate and extraneous, accomplices. A vital combustion.
Trapped in their coils, to be consumed. Close to rarefaction, the incandescence of the nucleus.
Grasping the eroticism of matter, the substance of the body, acute in divesting itself to enrich itself,
in imperceptible transitions, light currents, breaths, sensations light as mild breezes”


Corriere della Sera 20 giugno 2013
L’Unità 6 luglio 2013

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